The Dachshund Club of St. Louis, Inc. Standing Rules & Policies


All prizes purchased being must be within the budget constraints established for each event.

Each event chairman shall follow the time-line for each event.

Written contracts are required for all judges and other services such as show photographer, grounds rental, and cleanup.

Field Trial and Earthdog Test final judging panels must be approved by the Board of Directors. Judging panels may receive input from the membership at large.

All Premium Lists must approved by the Board of Directors before publication.

Anyone wishing to display and sell merchandise at any DCStL event shall be charged a fee. This includes members of the DCStL. The amount of the fee shall be determined by the officers and board of directors.

All event chairmen shall provide an accurate accounting of funds spent and monies received complete with receipts to the Treasurer within 30 days of the close of the event. Where possible, photo copies of checks and receipts are desired.


See attachment one for time-lines and details.

Challenge trophies will be discontinued after being won three times for permanent possession. Instead of replacement a donation to our trophy fund may be made if recipient wishes to do so.

Prospective conformation, sweepstakes, junior showmanship, obedience and rally judges shall be selected and approved by members present and voting at a monthly club meeting.

Prospective judges shall then be contacted, accept the
assignment, state fee and estimated cost of transportation. At the next monthly club meeting those judges shall be voted upon by the members present to receive final approval. This final approval must be given at least ten months prior to the specialty show/trial. After final approval a written contract will be sent to the judge for signature. This contract shall contain a "not to exceed dollar amount" clause which must be accepted by the judge.


See Attachment 2 for time-line and details


See Attachment 2 for time-line and details.


All meetings shall be chaired by the president. In the absence of president, the vice president shall be the chair; in absence of both the president and vice president, the secretary shall be the chair; if the president, vice president and secretary are absent the treasurer shall be the chair.

Meetings shall follow the recommended agenda listed below:

Call To Order
Introduction of Guests
Reading and approval of previous meeting notes
Officer Reports: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer
Standing Committee Reports (in event calendar order)
New membership voting as applicable
Old Business
New Business