Interested In Becoming A Member?

Membership Requirements

Any reputable person over the age of 18 owning a Dachshund or sincerely interested in the Breed and in good standing with the AKC and the DCA shall be eligible for membership in this club.

Members shall be entitled to vote, to hold elective or appointive office, and to participate in all activities of the Club.

Written application with dues shall be made through any member of the Club. An applicant shall attend two meetings as a guest. If the applicant is approved by the Active Members he shall become a member with all rights and privileges.

Membership Levels

Regular members of good standing attending at least three meetings during the previous calendar year shall be considered active. Active members shall be entitled to vote, to hold elective or appointive office and to participate in all deliberations and activities of the Club.

Associate membership shall be for all those who cannot attend at least three meetings in a calendar year and live beyond a seventy-five mile radius of downtown St Louis, Missouri, located from the center of the Poplar Street Bridge as it crosses over the Mississippi River.