How big are Dachshunds?2023-01-26T13:03:11-06:00

The Dachshund in the United States is bred in two(2) sizes-Miniature and Standard. The Miniature Dachshund is 11 pounds or less when over a year old. The Standard Dachshund is between 16 and 32 pounds.

What kind of hair do Dachshunds have?2023-01-26T12:50:58-06:00

The Dachshund is bred in three coat types: smooth, longhaired and wire-haired. The Dachshund may have short hair (smooth Dachshunds), long hair (reminds one of an Irish or Golden Setter) or wire hair, a course coat that is like that of a terrier.

What are Dachshund’s physical characteristics and temperament?2023-01-26T13:03:34-06:00

Dachshunds are recognized by their long bodies and short legs. Their design is the epitome of form following function. They are low to the ground, which allows them to enter and maneuver through tunnels. Their senses are all well developed. They are very brave, somewhat stubborn, and have an independent tendency, especially when hunting.

Dachshunds like to enter into the spirit of everything you do, which isn't always the greatest help, especially when you are doing something like tying your shoes. They are playful dogs, but they insist on you following their rules of play, which may or may not coincide with the rules commonly used by their other canine cousins. For example, although they often like to chase balls, they don't necessarily see the need to bring them back to you. This is an example of a Dachshund rule of play, and is probably related to their curious, but independent nature.

Anyone who meets a Dachshund has no doubt about who's dog it is. They are often one-person dogs, meaning they bond very closely with their master. A Dachshund's master is never alone - they have a long, low shadow following them everywhere around the house. This is not to suggest that Dachshunds dislike other humans - quite the contrary, especially if they are well socialized at an early age. But they know which human is theirs.

Are they hard to housebreak & train?2023-01-26T13:04:12-06:00

Housebreaking can be difficult with dachshunds. While most dachshunds do eventually get the hang of it, it is not totally uncommon to hear things like "she's 95% reliable." Most likely it is their independent nature that makes them a little difficult to housebreak. It's not that they don't know any better, or that they maliciously want to be disobedient; it's just that they don't always see the necessity of relieving themselves outside (especially in bad weather), and they are willing to accept the consequences. Unless you're a real ogre, the minute you see one look up at you with his inquisitive, adoring expression, capped off with his brown, almond shaped, soulful eyes, you'll understand why they often get away with things. Patience goes a long way with housebreaking a dachshund.

Are Dachshunds good with children?2023-01-26T13:04:33-06:00

Dachshunds can be very good with children, provided they are socialized properly when they are puppies. It is a good idea to let your dachshund meet as many people as possible at an early age, including adults, teenagers, and children. Good experiences with people at an early age will make your dachshund a very good canine citizen, who gets along with almost everybody. Still, no matter how good any animal is with children, you should never leave them unsupervised.

Do they bark?2023-01-26T13:04:51-06:00

Once they find their voice, they have barks that sound like they come from much bigger dogs, making them good watch dogs - not guard dogs (which will actually attack) but watch dogs, which only make a lot of noise.

What are some Dachshund habits?2023-01-26T12:58:13-06:00

One peculiar thing they do is to roll around in smelly things when they encounter them. Rolling on earthworms or dead bugs, for example, is a popular dachshund pastime. This is due to their hunting instinct. While doing this, they are trying to "lose their scent" so that their prey cannot smell them. Another carry-over from their hunting instincts is their love of digging, and if left unsupervised, they can often be found digging for grubs in your lawn. Although this trait is usually seen outdoors, it also follows them into the house, where they like to tunnel through blankets until they get it "just right."

Are they clean and do they shed?2023-01-26T12:59:53-06:00

They are medium shedders, relatively clean, and they have little or no doggy odor. They don't need to be bathed often (less than once a month, unless, of course, they've gotten into something, which they're known to do).

Do they require a lot of exercise?2023-01-26T13:00:43-06:00

They require a modest amount of exercise. Two walks of moderate distance (each about 1/2 mile) a day should be pretty good. More if you're so inclined. They're a long-lived breed that can live up to 16 years or more with proper care. Because they are such social creatures, they don't do well as outdoor dogs - they need to be
with their humans.

What activities can you do with Dachshunds?2023-01-26T13:02:06-06:00

Even though they were originally bred to go to ground to hunt badgers, Dachshunds have evolved to become a very versatile breed, and there are many types of activities you can do with them, that are fun for you and your dog. Besides being wonderful family pets, you can, of course, show them in conformation, do obedience work with them, enter them in field trials (tracking rabbits) or earthdog trials (where they enter tunnels to track rats), use them as pet therapy dogs (where you bring them to hospitals and nursing homes, provided they are properly evaluated for behavior and temperament). Many people have also done agility (think of it as an obstacle course for dogs) with their dachshunds. If you choose to do agility, please be especially careful with the jumps, so as not to injure your dachshund's back.

What is the best age to get a puppy?2023-01-26T13:02:47-06:00

If you are going to adopt a puppy, he should be at least 8 weeks old. This ensures that he is properly weaned from his mother and has had at least one vaccination.

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