What is Earthdog?

Earthdog is a test of your dog's skills to follow quarry underground.

In a system of man-made tunnels, your dog will follow the scent through a maze to the end. Dogs are tested on how long it takes them to reach the quarry, how long it takes for them to start working (barking, digging, chewing, scratching), and how long they stay to work the quarry.

While live rats are typically used for the quarry, no animals are harmed during an Earthdog test. The rats are super safe in a wire mesh cage and placed behind a secondary security system of wooden dowels.

Dachshunds are natural hunters or as one Dachshund person said, "They are critter getters!"

Come out to our new Earthdog Digs at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Missouri. Our two new Introduction to Quarry Dens are made of plastic lumber. You've got to see these. The layout has been upgraded and very much improved. We have two Introduction to Quarry Dens (IQ), one Junior Earthdog Den (JE), one Senior Earthdog Den (SE), and one New Master Earthdog Den (ME) all tucked nicely in a natural setting of woods and a creek near by.

AKC Earthdog - Expert Advice History and Heritage

We hold three tests over two days. Come and get a title in one weekend!

For information on our next Earthdog Tests please see our Events Calendar.