Dachshund Club of St Louis Inc

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Membership Requirements

Any reputable person over the age of 18 owning a Dachshund or sincerely interested in the Breed and in good standing with the AKC and the DCA shall be eligible for membership in this club.

Members shall be entitled to vote, to hold elective or appointive office, and to participate in all activities of the Club.

Written application with dues shall be made through any member of the Club. An applicant shall attend two meetings as a guest. If the applicant is approved by the Active Members he shall become a member with all rights and privileges.

    Code Of Ethics
    Membership Application

Current Members

 Member  Events
 Joy Beckner  C,F,E
 Dave Brown  C,O,A,F,E
 Tom & Pam Reed Crook  C,F,E
 Jody Dean  E
 Randy Eltringham  C,O,E,F,T
 Dawn Fischer  (RESCUE)
 Kevin & Melissa Fritz  C,F
 Susan & Tim Genz  C,E,F
 Dave & Stephanie Hass  C
 Anne Moroh   
 Terri Mount  C,F,E
 Paul & Bayla Myer   
 George & Cheryl Rausch  C
 Brett Reineck   E 
 Von & Gail Richards  C
 Sandy Shaw  C,O,F,E,R
 Phillip Shaw    
 Gerry Snyder  C
 Ed & Marta Spell    
 Danielle Switzer   
 Deniece Van Hook  C,O,A,F,E,R
 Patrick Von Gontard  C,F
 Brenda Zook  C,F,E
Key: C=Conformation, O=Obedience, A=Agility, F=Field Trials, E=Earthdog, T=Tracking, R=Rally  

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