Dachshund Club of St Louis Inc


We welcome all who love the Breed of Dachshund.

Club Mission

  1. To encourage and promote the breeding and ownership of purebred Dachshunds.
  2. To affiliate with and cooperate with the Dachshund Club of America, the American Kennel Club and other organization devoted to like purposes.
  3. To procure adoption by members of this Club, breeders, exhibitors, judes and the public of the standard of perfection for the Breed, recognized by the Dachshund Club of America.
  4. To hold shows and events for promotion of the improvement of and interest in the Breed.
  5. To furtheracquaitance and cooperation among members of this Club, in promotion of their common interest in the Breed.
  6. To demonstrate the preeminent qualities of the Breed as worker, protector, companion and pet.

Club Officers 

  • President - Deneice Van Hook
  • Vice President - Tom Crook
  • Secretary - Sandy Shaw
  • Treasurer - Pam Reed Crook

Board Members

  • Rick Bailey
  • Phillip Shaw
  • Dave Brown
  • Ed Spell

Club Events

Currently we are holding 2 Specialty Shows (spring and fall), 3 Earthdog Tests, 2 Field Trials 1 Obedience and 1 Rally Trial a year. We are also looking into holding our first Barn Hunt Trial in the spring of 2014. Feel free to browse through the pages on our site.

Club Meetings

Our club meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month. Go to our Meetings page for additional information about our meetings.


Did you know we are the oldest Dachshund Club west of the Mississippi?

In 2013 we will be celebrating our 81st year!! Check out our Club History page to learn more about the Dachshund Club of St Louis.

Looking for a Dachshund? Check our members Breed Referral Page